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Concussions are the hot topic in the NFL and on high school and college campuses across the country with ongoing concern about the brain health of players of contact sports.

The ONS Foundation wants to raise awareness about the risk of concussion and help educate high school athletes about concussion signs and symptoms. According to neurosurgeon Dr. Scott Simon of the ONS Foundation, concussion is the most common type of brain injury sustained in sports and most concussions do NOT involve loss of consciousness.

“Many people don’t realize that you can sustain a concussion even if you do NOT hit your head,” said Dr. Simon. “Multiple concussions can have cumulative and long-lasting life consequences so we developed this program to relay the latest information on concussion management and to explain the role of ImPACT testing.”

To talk to a specialist on concussions, you may contact any of the following:

Mark Camel, MD - Neurosurgeon
Gloria Cohen, MD - Non-operative sports medicine physician
Katie Vadasdi, MD - Orthopedic surgeon, sports medicine specialist
Tricia McDonough Ryan, PhD - Pediatric neuropsychologist

To learn more about concussion prevention and management, click on the links below.



To arrange for a concussion injury prevention seminar for your school or community group, contact the ONS Foundation at (203) 869-3131.


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